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Today, your Customer eXperience 
defines the future of

your Business.


What we do for you


Customer eXperience Consulting

Together with our clients, we develop Tactical Customer eXperience (CX) strategies to strengthen your business processes for sustainable future revenue Growth. 

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CX Sales Training & Coaching

Professional Sales Training  focusing on Customer eXperience


Your CX strategy is the most important strategy in your business.  Why?  Because it focuses on the most important aspect of your business – Your customer, and your customers investment in the products and services you sell.


CX is about developing sustainable and profitable customer loyalty in your business.  It’s your long-term strategy to secure the future of your business and maintaining market related profit increases and sustainability.​

Working together, we develop Tactical Customer eXperience (CX) strategies to strengthen your business processes for sustainable future revenue Growth.

3 simple rules to develop your Power Sales team:

  1. Support your sales team across all disciplines. Sales, Product & Marketing 

  2. Training them is essential, not just the right thing to do.

  3. Ensure that they are aligned with your businesses CX strategy.

Sales is the only department or role within every Business that generates new revenue.  It's a simple, yet complex truth.

The ability to grow revenue, increase profits and to maximise repeat & referral business are all directly linked to the quality of your Sales Team, you the Sales Executive, or you the Business Owner.

Our tactical approach focuses on the following 4 Sales pillars:

Unlocking Sales & CX Conscientiousness

  • We unpack our Sales Conscientiousness Foundation psychology  required to improve the effectiveness of your Sales Teams.

  • Our Sales Conscientiousness Foundation psychology also creates longevity in customer relationships (repeat & referral business) as well as making your Sales Team more attractive to new customers. 

Developing Knowledge Frameworks

  • Based on our version of FAB (Feature | Application | Benefits), we develop frameworks for your Sales Teams to categories knowledge into packets of information.

  • We then show them how to use their knowledge to build value in their products or services through the eyes of their customers.

Developing Sales Skills


  • Equipping your Sales Teams with all the Sales tools they need to successfully and consistently close more profitable deals.

Developing Strategic Customer Experience Strategies

  • When all the hard work is done, what you are left with is (should be) a powerful Customer Experience - Your definable competitive advantage.

About TEG

Founder, Mentor, Father



T E G was founded in 2008.  As we have evolved and adapted to the market and the needs of our valued clients, it is important to stick to our core values:

We continuously develop ourselves and our services to ensure that we are always offering the the latest thinking to the best of our abilities.

We push the boundaries of conventional thinking, and where necessary develop laterally developed disruptive solutions.

We don't simply tick boxes.  


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