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The New Perspective in 
CX Sales Coaching 

If you want to be truly great at something, get a coach! 

Ask any professional.

Why you should consider 
CX Sales Coaching 

Things have changed.

The role of Management has become far more process and administration heavy.  It's now fully focused on the overall big picture of Business growth.

Management has less time to spend quality one-on-one time with their individual Sales Executive.

A Sales Coach spends their time focusing squarely on the individual Sales Executive.  Encouraging, guiding and exploring every inch of individual performance.

Management is the Strategic Team Mentor.  A Sales Coach is each individual players personal coach.

The key to coaching successful Sales Executives, is focusing on the how, not the what.  There is no 1-show-fits-all approach to selling, so it stands to reason that Sales Executives will have their own idiosyncrasies when it comes to the way they approach selling. 


Coaching isn't about telling a Sales Executive how to sell, but rather about leading them away from non-productive 'bad' habits and guiding them towards a change in their perspectives while providing them with effective toolkits and frameworks that they can adapt to improve their individual Sales performance.

Sales coaching is a formal, ongoing journey to improve a Sales Executives individual Sales performance.


An empowered Sales Team complete with top performing individual Sales Executives.


A more engaged and committed  Sales Team.

Increase in Sales staff retention.

Increased Sales Team wellbeing.

Increased CSI & CXI.

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