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Working with us we assist you and your team to create the right CX strategy best suited for you and your customers.

  • Close more deals

  • Retain more Customers

  • Increase Referral Business

  • Develop fully engaged, customer-centric Team Members

Your CX strategy is the most important strategy in your business because it focuses on the most important income generator for your business – Your customer

The most effective and efficient way to keep generating income is through REPEAT & REFERRAL Business.  

And this is what Customer eXperience is all about.



of developing your CX strategy:

CSI is still very important.  But in todays world, it's now a given.   It's no longer a reason to do business with you.


Your Customer eXperience entices your customers to chose you over your competitors. 
When your customers enjoy the experience they have when dealing with you, there is less need for them to look elsewhere.


Too often, business departments are working towards their own goals, KPA's and processes.  This can produce inefficiencies, delays and can create incoherent internal deliverables and clear next steps.


Your Customer eXperience strategy defines clear business objectives across all business departments. 
This creates efficiencies and clear lines of communication as all departments are working towards the SAME goals, KPA's and processes.


Your marketing strategy is about communicating your Business message to a defined target audience and to entice potential customers to consider working with you or buying your products.


Your Customer eXperience strategy delivers on your marketing communications promise, and creates an environment for customers to want to continue to do business with you.
Your customers will start to promote your Business to their circle of influence. 
We call this repeat and referral business - the least expensive way to generate revenue.


The competitive market is growing every day.  New players are entering, and current players are determined to undercut you at every turn.


While your competitors are focusing on how to beat you, your Customer eXperience strategy focuses you on what matters most to the growth of your Business and bottom line - Your Customers (and your competitors as well!)

Developing your Tactical Customer eXperience Strategy is the single most important decision you need to make for your Business.


Customers buy for their own reasons.
Not yours.

The moment you embrace this Design Thinking, you will have taken your first steps in truly understanding the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer eXperience.

Customer Satisfaction is all about the SALES experience. 

  • Did the Sales Executive tick all the boxes to satisfy the customers expectation?

  • Where all speed bumps smoothed over in a way that was acceptable to both parties?

  • Do I, the customer, feel that I received fair value for my investment?

  • Did the 'solution' live up to expectations?

Customer eXperience is all about the PURCHASING experience.

  • As a customer, did I enjoy the whole purchasing experience from start to finish? 

  • Was it easy to locate and contact your company? 

  • Did I resonate with the personality of the Salesperson?

  • Was I assisted in the way I wanted to be assisted in?

  • How did I feel about the quality of the 'solution' demonstration and explanation?

  • And most importantly, will I refer the Sales Executive and company, and will I be happy to buy from them again?

A Customer eXperience, like any experience, cannot be dictated to, or decided for a customer. 


You cannot tell your customer  HOW to experience their interactions with with your Business.  All you can do is ask them TO experience interacting with you. 


And then based on their own emotional interpretations, personal expectations, and previous experiences, will they be able to tell you if their experience with you was bad, average, good or great!

Working with us we assist you and your team to create the right CX strategy best suited for you and your customers.


  • The right CX strategy aligned with your business vision and positioning

  • Updated internal processes and inter-department communications

  • Revamped positional roles and responsibilities best suited to address your customers Transactional Complexities and continuously achieve your KPIs

  • A fully engaged and committed Management team


Our view on CX is different.  CX is a strategy.  Not just a buzz word.  CX is a serious commitment to growing your customer loyalty and resultant increase in revenue. 


It’s about closing more sales (or losing less deals), retaining more repeat business customers, increasing customer referral rates, and increasing new customer awareness.  And when you combine these 4 CX pillars you ultimately increase revenue and profits.

Where to Begin?

Developing, implementing, and refining your CX strategy requires dedicated attention.  Yes, all stakeholders need to be involved in the creation and buy-in of the overall CX strategy, but the responsibility of a CX strategy must be dedicated.  There are many moving parts to CX and requires an outside-looking-in perspective, not an inward-looking-out point of view. 


Developing your CX strategy requires difficult business questions to be asked, requires dedicated initiate, support for any internal change, and continuously investigate new opportunities and initiatives to maintain a CX advantage based on business, customer, and market related changes.


CX is a serious commitment to growing your customer loyalty and resultant increase in revenue.

Our methodology follows an initial 5-step framework:

  • Investigation – where you are now

  • Vision – where you want be

  • Workshops – sessions to uncover what needs to change, and how to change it

  • Change management Coaching – implementing agreed upon changes

  • Review – Have the changes positively impacted your business

Your Next Step:

Contact us to set up an introduction meeting so that you can get to know us, and ask us any innitial questions you may have. 

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