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The ABC's of selling are no longer clear-cut

One of the bazaar anomalies of the Sales 2.0 world is the double-standard applied to the “Customers know more than us” adage.

  • We don’t need to worry about intensive product training, because customers know more than our salespeople do, due to online information.

  • If our Customers know more than your salespeople, then why do you need expensive salespeople in the first place?

So, product training is on the cost cutting list, yet sales training is a must. In other words, we (or some companies at least) are training our customer facing staff how to sell, but not what it is that they are selling? Surely it is obvious that the two are mutually inclusive?

Regardless of your industry, the sales landscape has changed. The ABCs (Always Be Closing) of selling are not as clear-cut as they used to be. In fact, Always Be Closing should be deleted from your sales deck as soon as possible!

One of the many reasons is that we are selling to 5 different generations – all with their own idiosyncrasies when it comes to how they want to be engaged, and how they want to purchase.

What is common though, is that fewer Customers want to be sold to, but rather want to buy. Today’s Customer wants to make informed purchasing decisions that solve their own unique needs rather than being sold something that they need to find out how it could work for them.

So, if not ABC selling, then what? Showcasing your product or services offered is the best alternative. Show your customer why your product or solution solves their needs in the way that makes sense to them. Showing them is far more powerful and will leave a longer lasting impression then simply telling them – or waiting for them to do their own research.


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