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The Future of Face-to-Face Retail is Story Telling

The future of retail requires you to give your customers a compelling reason to your visit your business. Otherwise, you will need to close shop, and go 100% online (if you can...).

First things first: Do customers still need retail stores to visit? With so much information about anything and everything online, do customers really need real people to buy from?

With customers spending increased time 'shopping' online, you no longer have the 5 to 7 retail floor attempts to wow them and convincing them that they should do business with you. You now have only 1 shot! ok, maybe 2 at a push...

So it goes without saying that your business needs to become a place where your customers are prepared to make an effort to visit and hopefully spend some time with you 'shopping'.

Lucky for us, we have human evolution on our side! There are still a lot of customers who don't want to be left to their own imagination when it comes to fully understanding what product is best suited for them. With product (or feature) differentiation being far more blurred than it ever used to be, how is a Customer to know which one is best suited to their needs?

The answer, simply put, is a comprehensive and individual customer targeted product, or feature showcase.

Here's the thing, pointing and telling is not enough. Reading of a pre-written specification sheet or sales deck is not enough. Even going online as a customer is not always enough.

Here is a useful framework to consider:

Step 1:

A comprehensive and targeted product, service or feature showcase means that you walk your customer through a live demonstration, explaining and showing every step, every step of the way.

Step 2:

Linked to your live demonstration must be a relatable real-world story that showcases why your product or feature is best suited to address the needs of your Customer.

But this takes practice! Here is a quick-reference equation to help you along the way 👍


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